DDF~Race Day Information

 Please Read carefully - Important Information about the 3-day event

Time Limit:  60 hours (tracked by the event clock)

Starts - Friday, October 20, 7:30 AM
Ends - Sunday, October 22, 7:30 PM

** There is NO Early start option **
Davis Camp Pavilion
171 Magnolia Street, Haralson, GA 30229

~Your Event!  ~Your Time!  ~Your Distance!
  • Timed Events are: 24, 36, 48 or 60 hours (Senoia 60 series)
  • Distance Events are: 100m, 50m, or 100k, 50k, 25k (Running Dead series)
  • It’s your party! Run, walk and/or crawl a half marathon, a marathon, multiple marathons, a 50k, a 100m.
  • You start and stop as often as you like.
  • You can leave and return as often as you like (please be courteous by keeping volunteers informed).
  • Should you decide to change your event goal or to drop from the event, notify Adamy immediately.
  • If you miss the 7:30AM start, notify Adamy immediately.

A Message from the Race Director:

Everyone has a specific goal or target in mind, which is the beauty of this event. The volunteers are just that volunteers. If you need their help ask them. They’re there to help you achieve your goals.
We strongly advise you to run with a buddy, especially at night. If you must be by yourself at night, make sure to notify the race director or volunteer in charge and keep your phone and our phone numbers ready. (Adamy - 864-989-0028 or Joye – 770-598-0352). Pacers are welcome and much encouraged. However, as a courtesy we would like all pacers to check in at the pavilion before going out on the course.

 Participants Rules:

  • Wear your bib number so that it visible at all times
  • Your first lap is run counterclockwise, facing oncoming traffic
  • After the first lap it is up to the participant’s descretion which direction to run laps.
  • Between 6PM and 7AM you must use a headlamp or flashlight and must wear reflective clothing. We recommend more than one item to be worn.

Course Information:



  • Course will be asphalt (most of it new, soft black asphalt). The course can best be described as 'gently rolling.'
  • Turns are marked with arrow signs and spray chalk.
  • The course is NOT closed to traffic.
  • Traffic should be limited.
  • Always exercise extreme caution at all times and assume the driver doesn’t see you!
  • We encouraged you to run each lap on the 'tangent' side of the road (facing oncoming traffic).
  • Please DO NOT litter on the course
  • Watch for wildlife, weather, and the walking dead.
  • There is very limited parking at the pavilion which is reserved for volunteers
  • When you arrive, first unload your gear at the pavilion, then go park in the designated parking area.
  • Event Parking is located by the building next to the pavilion (look for signage).
  • Do NOT park on the grass or on the lot of the Church across the street
 When you Arrive:
  • Unload your gear at the pavilion when you arrive
  • Select ¼ of a table or an area under the pavilion to use during the event
  • Then go park in the designated parking area.

Aid Station (Davis Camp Pavilion) Accommodations:

  • 7 large picnic tables beneath a large covered pavilion with overhead lighting
    • Runners can select a table to set up their gear – minimum of 4 runners per table
  • 2 restrooms - unisex
  • 8-12 Electrical outlets (one will be setup as a gadget charging station)
  • Use the trash bags receptacles
  • Any items left will be discarded
  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited
  • Cell phone coverage is limited if you have any carrier other than Verizon

Lap Counting Information:

  • Each lap starts/ends at the entrance to the aid station pavilion.
  • Honor System - Each runner will be assigned a clip board to record you laps.
    • Please make sure to record your lap when you finish each loop
    • Circle the length and write down the clock time of the lap completed
  • Clip boards will be monitored periodically to record results
    • Only completed laps will be counted
  • If you leave the pavilion for any reason other than running your next lap (including to drop out of the event), please record this on your clip board and turn it in to one of the volunteers letting them know your decission.
  • All runners are encouraged to wear a chronograph.

Food and Hydration:

As with all events, you are responsible for any “special” needs you may have. However, we are trying to accommodate to everyone’s need. The race will provide water, sports drink, sodas, hot chocolate, & coffee.  Also, a variety of snacks, and soups will always be available on a table in front of the kitchen.

Meal Prep:

  • Three (3) hot meals will be provided each day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).
  • Crockpots of soup (vegan and non-vegan) will always be available.
  • Time reminders and menus will be posted on a whiteboard outside the kitchen.
Some of the menu items:
  • Crockpot with soups (vegetable and chicken) & veggie chilli, and Baked Beans
  • An assortment of sandwiches, quesadillas and roll ups (cold or grilled): in any combination of peanut butter, jelly, ham, turkey, cheese, hummus, veggies and/or avocado)
  • Hummus & Pita Chips
  • Pancakes & Bagels
  • Burgers (Chicken, Turkey & Veggie) & Hot dogs (Chicken & Veggie)
  • Pizza


Precision PT, LLC

Tyler Austin will be available on Sunday from 2pm to 5pm to provide the following services:

  • Spinal Manipulation: Decreased neck and back stiffness and muscle spasm and improved spinal mobility 
  • Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation ("scraping"): Decreases muscle spasm/guarding/stiffness and improved mobility 
  • Soft Tissue Mobilization: Decreased edema and lactic acid build-up and improved tissue extensibility 
  • Cupping: Decompression of muscle and fascial restrictions and improved blood flow for healing
  • Taping: Improved muscular feedback and decreased swelling 

Cost of services is $20/15-minute session.

3-Day Schedules

Day 1 - Friday October 20th

6:30AM            Runner Assigned Area Setup
6:30AM            Packet Pickup Opens
7:15AM            Information Meeting and Aid Station Orientation – Required Attendance
7:30AM            Day 1 Start (00:00:00)

Day 2 – Saturday October 21st (New runners Starting Saturday)

6:30AM            Runner Assigned Area Setup
6:30AM            Packet Pickup Opens
7:15AM            Information Meeting and Aid Station Orientation – Required Attendance
7:30AM            Day 2 Start (24:00:00)

Day 3 – Sunday October 22nd (New runners Starting Sunday)

6:30AM            Runner Assigned Area Setup
6:30AM            Packet Pickup Opens
7:15AM            Information Meeting and Aid Station Orientation – Required Attendance
7:30AM            Day 3 Start (48:00:00)

Hot Meal Schedule:

  • Lunch: 11AM - 2PM
  • Dinner: 5 - 8PM
  • Breakfast: 5:30 – 8:30AM
  • Lunch: 11AM - 2PM
  • Dinner: 5- 8PM
  • Breakfast: 5:30 – 8:30AM
  • Lunch: 11AM - 2PM
  • Dinner: 5 - 7PM (Closing Festivities)


  1. Adamy Diaz (Race Director)
  2. Scott Ludwig (Assistant Race Director / Past President)
  3. Joye McElroy (President)
  4. Cindi Burgess (Treasurer)
  5. Don Carpenter (Newsletter Co-Editor)
  6. Brian Carpenter
  7. Dan Dustan
  8. Brian Farrier
  9. Anne Rentz
  10. Annette Larkings
  11. Kailyn Larkings
  12. Mary Dean Davis
  13. Kristen Powell
  14. Deborah Felder