The Evolution of the Flying Penguin

January 2001 – No award.

February 2001 – Kelly Murzynsky runs a PR (3:15) at the Callaway Gardens Marathon (2nd female) and doesn’t hang around for the awards ceremony.

March 2001 – Paula May runs a PR (41:50) at the Charles Harris 10K.

April 2001 – Paula May runs a PR (19:34) at the PR 5000K.

May 2001 – Kelly Murzynsky runs a PR (3:13) and wins the inaugural Cleveland Marathon.

June 2001 – Scott Ludwig’s odometer hits 80,000 miles.

July 2001 – No award given.

August 2001 – No award given.

September 2001 – Paula May runs a PR (19:33) at the Macon 5K (and wins prize $).

October 2001 – Paula May runs a PR (3:18:50) at the St. George Marathon.

November 2001 – Scott Ludwig’s ‘consecutive days running’ streak hits the 23 year mark.

December 2001 – Kelly Murzynsky runs her first ultra, the Tallahassee 50K and wins in 3:57:30.

January 2002 – Paula May wins the Masters title in Atlanta’s first race of the year, the Resolution Run 5K (21:56) on January 1st, starting the year off on the right foot.

February 2002 – Scott Ludwig finishes the Tybee Island Marathon, changes clothes, enjoys a post-race beverage, and returns to the finish line to see a fellow competitor—who has made disparaging comments about Scott’s training—finish his marathon. Eric Huguelet captures the moment on film and it winds up on the historic first cover Tales from the Darkside.

March 2002 – No award.

April 2002 – Paula May runs an impressive, evenly-paced Boston Marathon and finishes in 3:25:45.

May 2002 – Whitney Huguelet, daughter of Paula and Eric, is the first Shadow Runner (age 18 and younger) runs a 6:59 mile at a Kid’s Run Run—after a 6-mile warmup with her father prior to the race.

June 2002 – No award.

July 2002 – Al Barker runs an impressive 41:30 at the Peachtree Road Race (728th place) and spends the early part of the race dueling with the Kenyans. August 2002 – Paula May wins the Summer’s End 5K (20:25).

September 2002 – Scott Ludwig wins the Masters USATF National Championship by running 129 miles in the 24-Hour Endurance Run.

October 2002 – Al Barker runs 3:10 in the St. George Marathon to finish 9th in his extremely competitive age group (this was also his 10th St. George finish).

November 2002 – Kelly Murzynsky wins the inaugural Peachtree City 50K by running 3:57; she also finishes 6th overall.

December 2002 – Todd Davison runs a Boston-qualifying time in his first marathon attempt (Mobile, Alabama).

January 2003 – Paula May earns three titles: Age Group champion at the Resolution Run 5K, Masters Champion at the Museum of Aviation Half-Marathon, and Masters Champion at the Atlanta Track Club-Peachtree City 50K.

February 2003 – Kelly Murzynsky wins the Blue Angel Marathon (3:15:53).

March 2003 – Paula May wins the Grand Masters championship at the Chattahoochee 10K (40:38) and sets a state age group record in the process.

April 2003 – Scott Ludwig celebrates his 100th marathon by running the Boston Marathon…twice (backwards and forwards).

May 2003 – Scott Ludwig runs three ultras (Strolling Jim 40-miler, Posey 50K, and Darkside 8-Hour Run) during the month to prepare for Badwater.

June 2003 – Sandy Geisel completes the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run in 28:29:32.

As there were more and more performances worthy of the Flying Penguin award, a decision was made to recognize multiple winners effective July 2003.

July 2003 – Runners (Scott Ludwig and Andy Velazco) and crew members (Paula May, Eric Huguelet, Gary Griffin, Al Barker and Josh Ludwig) complete the Badwater Ultramarathon.

August 2003 – Gary Griffin, Fred Johnson and John Saunders all complete an 8-Hour endurance run in the hottest month of the year.

September 2003 – Gary Griffin completes his first-ever 100-mile run (21:52:06) in Olander Park, Ohio, and Paula May wins the Macon Labor Day 5K in 19:40.

October 2003 – Eric Huguelet qualifies for the Boston Marathon by running 3:35:10 at the St. George Marathon; Paula May sets PR’s at the St. George Marathon (3:18:41) and the Peachtree City 15K (1:05:50); and Fred Johnson wins the Croom Trail 50K (3:54:10).setting a course record and winning the Southeastern Region 50K Championship in the process.

November 2003 – Kelly Murzynsky successfully defends her championship at the Peachtree City 50K (3:59:40); Eric Huguelet completes his first ultramarathon at the PTC 50K; Al Barker runs 50 miles for the first time and qualifies for the Western States Endurance Run; and Scott Ludwig celebrates the 25 year anniversary of his running streak.

December 2003 – Fred Johnson wins the Tallahassee Ultradistance 50 Mile Run (7:11:53); Prince Whatley and Scott Ludwig (honorable mention only) run the Tallahassee Ultra 50 Miler and the Tallahassee Marathon on the same weekend.

January 2004 – Susan Lance celebrates her first 50K trail run (Atlanta Fat Ass) by running a 21 mile recovery run the following day.

February 2004 – Jack McDermott wins the Tallahassee Marathon, and Brenton Floyd completes his 200th marathon or ultra by running a PR at the Callaway Gardens Marathon, and then lowering his PR the following week at the Tybee Island Marathon.

March 2004 – Matt Wilson wins the Carl Touchstone Mississippi 50K (4:05)…for the second consecutive year.

April 2004 – John Saunders and Andy Velazco both run sub-24 hour 100-milers at Umstead (23:24:31 and 23:45:29, respectively) and qualify for the Western States Endurance Run; and the Boston Marathon, for kicking ass, taking names, and bringing the entire Darkside contingent to their collective knees.

May 2004 – Paula May wins the Brooks Day 10K (43:52); Susan Lance and Eliza Weston both run sub 8-hour times at the Strolling Jim 40 Mile Run (7:14:54 and 7:41:30, respectively); Andy Velazco raises $3,000 in prize money for the Peachtree City 50K; and Matt Wilson appears in Sports Illustrated (and later on ESPN) for finishing (along with his partner) in second place in the Best Ranger competition.

June 2004 – Andy Velazco finishes the prestigious Comrades Marathon in South Africa (11:31:22 for 89K), and Janice Anderson (once again) completes the prestigious Western States Endurance Run (25:05:35).

July 2004 – Jack McDermott runs an outstanding 3:03 in the Grandfather Mountain Marathon; Andy Velazco and Walt Prescott complete the Vermont 100 Mile Endurance Run (27:12:39 and 27:10:43, respectively); John Saunders wins the first Run to Alabama (distance unknown, but at least 62 miles); and Mike Brooks completes the Badwater Ultramarathon (46:17:10).

August 2004 – Susan Lance runs a time PR of 8 hours at the Hot-to-Trot 8-Hour Run; Paula May runs a time and distance PR (8 hours and 37 miles, respectively) at the Hot-to-Trot; and Jeff Olive and Paula May win the overall championships at the inaugural Panther Prowl 5K (16:58 and 21:41, respectively).

September 2004 – Eliza Weston wins her age group at the Great Eastern Endurance Run 100K (16:41:38).