Board of Directors


The President develops Club plans and implements strategies with members of the Board to ensure its success. The President also presides over Club meetings; represents the Club with the RRCA and other race organizations or bodies; serves as chief development officer; ensures Club compliance with laws, rules, and regulations; reviews and approves Club communication and publications; oversees marketing and public relations of the Club; reviews financial statements and filings; and appoints committees with approval of the Board. 

Joye McElroy


Vice President:

The Vice President serves as the Club’s communications and correspondence officer and takes on special assignments as requested by the President. The Vice President is also responsible to serve as President Pro tem in the absence of the President thereby assuming the powers of the President in his or her absence.

Susan Paraska

Past President:

The Past President serves as an adviser to the President and Vice President and takes on special assignments as requested by the President. The Past President’s primary role is assisting the Board in maintaining continuity from one administration to the next.


The Treasurer oversees the budget planning process and policies; develops and maintains the Club budget; reviews financial statements and matters with the President; ensures the Club is financially sound; prepares timely and accurate financial reports for the Board and membership; safeguards the Club’s assets; projects and reports financial problems; ensures all federal, state, and local reporting is completed according to requirements; and completes other duties as requested by the President. The Treasurer co-signs checks, drafts, or orders of payment with the President or Vice President.

Laura Pounds


The Secretary prepares meeting agendas, materials, and minutes for all meetings in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order; ensures publication and communication of Club meetings; maintains Club files; maintains the Club’s official membership roster; oversees the election process for the Board; and shares with the Webmaster any content changes required to accurately communicate and maintain the information that encompass all aspects of the Club’s online presence.

Adamy Diaz

Newsletter Editor