Tide Me Over 'til Tybee Returns Marathon

February 7, 2009 Peachtree City, GA
‘The first, last and only edition’

As many of you already know, the directors of the Tybee Island Marathon, one of the best marathons in the country, opted to ‘take a year off’ in 2009 due to a myriad of obstacles, constraints and unfortunate circumstances. However, the marathon is scheduled to return in 2010.

The Darkside Running Club came to the rescue and put together a substitute ‘stunt double’ event. The marathon featured no entry fee, no awards, and no T-shirts but offered a great course, fantastic weather and lots of camaraderie—all regular features of the series of free marathons held periodically throughout the year.

David Holmen made the trip to Georgia from his home in Minnesota and decimated the intimate field of 16 runners. The results are as follows:

                              Official Results

                     David Holmen               3:32:25
                     Jenna Carver               4:10:44
                     Jill Floyd                 4:24:46
                     Lynn Mooney                4:26:39
                     Jed Smith                  4:26:39
                     Debbi Legg                 4:29:12
                     Thomas Skinner             4:34:06
                     Carolyn Bowen              4:44:01
                     Al Barker                  4:44:01
                     Scott Ludwig               4:44:02
                     Lucy Saunders              5:11:34
                     John Saunders              5:11:35
                     Karen Pearson              5:28:36
                     Don Gibson                 5:28:36
                     Tom Adair                  6:48:20
                     Anne Rentz                 7:13:00