Darkside Labor Day Marathon

September 7, 2009
Luther Glass Park, Peachtree City, GA
By Jed Smith, Stunt Double Race Director

This has been a special year for the Darkside Running Club: not three but four free marathons (New Year’s Day, Tide Me Over ‘til Tybee Returns, Memorial Day and Labor Day)! No other running club offers this much bang for the buck.

Under partly cloudy skies with temperatures in the 60’s, over 30 runners turned out on Labor Day to run the golf cart paths of Peachtree City. Not only were there the most finishers (20) of our four free Darkside Marathons, the fastest winning time (3:23) was also realized. Before the Labor Day Marathon, the other three events realized 14, 16 and 14 finishers with a 3:24 being the fastest time run.

Everyone had a good time and shared a seemingly endless supply of running stories with one another throughout the day. Three of the finishers had run a marathon or ultra the day before to complete an unusual ‘double.’

                              The Finishers
                             James Rockwell       3:23
                             Jed Smith            3:55
                             Robert Llewellen     3:56
                             Margaret Curcio      4:13
                             Terry Hampton        4:20
                             Chris Loope          4:29
                             Jeremy Pearson       4:29
                             Normer Adams         4:36
                             Al Barker            4:53
                             Carolyn Bowen        4:53
                             Mike Smith           4:56
                             Andy Velazco         4:56
                             Lisa Aultman         5:03
                             Matt Jenkins         5:22
                             Phil Minn            5:47
                             Laura Treguboff      6:00
                             Kelly Luckett        6:48
                             Anne Rentz           6:48
                             Tom Adair            7:40
                             Angela Ivory         7:58