7th Annual Darkside 8 Hour Run

riley Field Track
Peachtree City, GA
May 16, 2009

The 7th edition of the Darkside 8 Hour Run—hosted by the Darkside Running Club began with an intimate gathering of 25 runners ready to test their mettle on the rubberized quarter-mile track at Riley Field. The runners were welcomed at 7:00 a.m. by a cool spring Georgia morning with temperatures slowly rising throughout the early hours of the event. Around noon the weather became unseasonably cool, which at this time of year could only mean one thing: the onset of a horrendous rainstorm accompanied by treacherous winds, which forced the Race Director into calling a one hour ‘time out’ until order was restored by Mother Nature.

Once the track drained adequately the competition resumed, and the runners shook off their mid-run chills and stiffness to resume their pursuit of mileage. Garth Peterson, showing no ill effects from 60 minutes of downtime, shattered the men’s course record by running an incredible 55.35 miles. Margaret Curcio gave the women’s course record a run for the money before settling for 44.43 miles and the women’s championship. Seven runners completed their first ultra, including Katrina Parker who before the event had never run more than a half-marathon. Emily Schoenberg, race-walking the entire eight hours in the outside lane finished with 31.25 miles, although her Garmin showed her distance at just over 35 miles. Seeing as Emily was in the outside lane the entire event, that may be a more accurate depiction of her mileage which translates to a race-walk pace of approximately 13:43 per mile!

Runners were asked to bring a munchie which would become ‘community property’ for all of the contestants (and volunteers). Emily’s baked goods—including a mouth-watering pumpkin bread and can’t resist citrus pound cake were the highlights of the day. The runners shared in some post-race pizza following the event as all of the runners were individually recognized for their efforts.

The complete results:

                    Garth Peterson, GA          55.35 miles
                    David Holmen, MN            50.00 miles
                    Ferit Toska, FL             45.50 miles
                    Margaret Curcio, GA         44.43 miles
                    Thomas Skinner, GA          42.21 miles
                    Don Gibson, GA              38.00 miles
                    Janette Maas, GA            37.00 miles
                    Lia Knower, GA              36.12 miles
                    Susan Paraska, GA           34.09 miles
                    Karen Pearson, GA           33.22 miles
                    Matt Knower, GA             31.62 miles
                    Emily Schoenberg, AL        31.25 miles
                    Tom Adair, GA               30.50 miles
                    Katrina Parker, GA          27.25 miles
                    Eric Stanley, GA            27.25 miles
                    Al Barker, GA               27.00 miles
                    Phil Minn, AL               26.50 miles
                    Susan Lance, GA             26.25 miles
                    Joe Fejes, GA               26.25 miles
                    Debbi Legg, GA              24.50 miles
                    Lynn Mooney, GA             24.00 miles
                    Charles Cohn, GA            22.25 miles
                    Scott Ludwig, GA            22.00 miles
                    John Falk, NC               15.00 miles
                    Cindy Ludwig, GA            21,120 feet


Submitted by Scott Ludwig, Race Director