(Nobody) Better than Ezra

In a close battle for the overall championship, Ezra Hurwitz edged the Atlanta Track Clubís Eileen Torres in the 7th annual Peachtree City 50K. This yearís event featured yet another beautiful day for running: a start in the high 30ís and a finish in the low 50ís. Many of the competitors were running their very first ultra, and judging by the looks on their faces as they crossed the finish line at Luther Glass Park, they will be running many more in the future. The course, the runners, the support crews and the volunteers were once again top notch and made for a memorable Sunday for everyone involved.

Peachtree City 50K

November 9, 2008
Peachtree City, GA

                          Official Results

          Ezra Hurwitz (Menís Champion)                 3:46:34
          Eileen Torres (Womenís Champion)              3:47:51
          Phil Canning (Menís Masters Champion)         3:59:03
          Garth Peterson (1st 40-49)                    3:59:27
          Larry Hall (1st 50-59)                        4:02:31
          Matthew Fisher (1st 20-29)                    4:04:05
          Gary Griffin (2nd 50-54)                      4:21:17
          Dean Tillman (2nd 40-49)                      4:24:49
          Jed Smith (1st 30-39)                         4:25:42
          Mimi Newcomer (Womenís Masters Champion)      4:27:50
          Lori Ladd (1st 40-49)                         4:49:14
          Robert Dukes                                  4:49:43
          Margaret Curcio (2nd 40-49)                   5:03:26
          Andrew Drotleff                               5:10:45
          Peter Demerjian (2nd 30-39)                   5:12:50
          Debbi Legg                                    5:13:59
          Lynn Mooney                                   5:13:59
          Mary Ellen Dallow                             5:18:04
          Jon Falk                                      5:18:30
          Iva Lightsey                                  5:30:07
          Rico Dorsey                                   5:40:42
          Ed Tokash (1st 60+)                           5:42:06
          Chris Lowery                                  5:49:38
          Charles Weaving (1st 19/under)                5:51:43
          Samantha Taylor (1st 30-39)                   6:21:03
          Patrick Ryan                                  6:34:30
          Maao Kim (1st 50-59)                          6:48:42
          Vicki Sue Merry (2nd 50-59)                   7:12:18
          Cheryl Murdock                                7:12:30
          Karen Pearson                                 7:27:06
          Yusef Sullivan                                7:36:55

                           Early Starters 

          Lisa Aultman                                  5:49:01
          Susan Paraska                                 6:49:30
          Emily Schoenberg                              7:10:18			
          Terry OíLeary                                 8:01:45
          Anne Rentz                                    8:09:00			
          Susan Kolbinsky                               8:09:00
          Tom Adair                                     9:24:30

A Race for the Young

Jordan Davis and Angie Hinkle were the overall menís and womenís champions, respectively, in the 2nd annual Peachtree City 25K. The event featured a pending national age group record for 85 and over by Lloyd Young of Pine City, Minnesota who ran an outstanding 2:51:52 (he already has the 25K age group record for 80-84). Hinkle set a new course record for the women.

Peachtree City 25K

November 9, 2008
Peachtree City, GA

          Jordan Davis (Menís Champion)                 1:48:03
          David Rehn (Menís Masters Champion)           1:50:55
          Rusty Burns (1st 30-39)                       1:52:25
          Angie Hinkle (Womenís Champion)               1:59:25
          Jon Melosi (1st 40-49)                        1:59:25
          Sharon Parker (1st 30-39)                     2:08:26
          Michael Ward (2nd 40-49)                      2:12:02
          Daniel Kolber (1st 50-59)                     2:12:14
          Don Pratt (2nd 50-59)                         2:16:07
          Jay Raymond (2nd 30-39)                       2:24:42
          Charles Raymond                               2:24:42
          Karen Bloecher (1st 20-29)                    2:26:50
          Pam Pratt (Womenís Masters Champion)          2:29:22 
          Bob Semsch                                    2:31:32
          Bill Flanagan                                 2:32:12
          Lucy Saunders (1st Canine)                    2:49:15
          John Saunders                                 2:49:16
          Lloyd Young (1st 60+)                         2:51:52
          Joe OíLeary                                   2:58:09
          Allison Obershaw (2nd 20-29)                  2:59:12
          John Sterns                                   2:59:45
          Sandra Horan (1st AG)                         3:48:02
          Charles Cohn                                  4:38:44