April 29, 2007
Riley Field Track
Peachtree City, GA

'Ladies Day'

The Contenders

            Jenna Carver (1st Overall)          46.5 miles*
            Deanna Cromer                       40.0 miles
            Sarah Tynes                         33.0 miles
            Brenton Floyd (1st Male)            31.0 miles
            Danielle Goodgion                   15.25 miles

The Pretenders
            Al Barker                           20.0  miles
            Eric Huguelet                       16.0  miles
            Paula May                           15.0  miles
            Scott Ludwig                        14.25 miles
            Susan Lance                         13.5  miles
            Taco the Wonder Dog                   .5  miles
            Betty Burrell                         .25 miles
            Karno                                0    miles
*Ladies’ Course Record